Pet Rest Services

Individual Cremation
(Your pet only in the crematory)
Your pet will be given an identification tag that will stay with him or her throughout the cremation process. He or she will then be cremated individually and the cremains and tag will be returned to you in a complimentary urn with a cremation certificate. If desired, you may purchase a customized urn.

We at Pet Rest are excited to offer an additional option to our tradition of top-quality pet aftercare...Aquamation.

Aquamation (aslo known as alkaline hydrolysis) is a flameless process that gently reduces your beloved pet’s body, leaving only the bone fragments behind. Aquamation uses only water, alkalinity and temperature—all natural components. Aquamation uses only a fraction of the energy that cremation requires AND has no air emissions. This new option is not only a gentle choice, but also a green choice in aftercare options.

What does this mean for my pet?
Your pet’s body is lowered into a water bath and is gently reduced by a mixture of water, alkalinity, and temperature. This water-based procedure results in the remains being a light color. They are returned to you in a an urn, so you can keep your beloved pet’s memory alive and cherish the memories always. Rest assured that our partitioned aquamation equipment keeps your pet’s remains separate from others. The resulting solution is environmentally friendly, helping our grass be greener, flowers bloom brighter and trees grow more beautifully.

Cremation with Garden Burial
Your pet's cremains will be buried in Pet Rest's Garden. Each garden within the cemetery is identified with a yearly marker, enabling you to locate the plot in which your pet rests.

The gardens, with lake, flower gardens, and trees provide a serene environment where the memory of your beloved pet will live on. It is meticulously maintained and open 365 days a year by appointment on a five-acre site near Ossian, Indiana, about 20 miles south of Fort Wayne.

Mausoleum Interment
Have your pet's cremains rest in a private niche of our picturesque mausoleum with a personalized covering in one of the most beautiful and peaceful environments available.


If you would like additional information about these services, call our office at 800-982-7378.